Friday, April 24, 2009


after few weeks in exploration, finally We found some of new items to shares with you guyss..
even not so much, UNLESS who knows they might caught your eyes!!!
Okay friend, We try our best for enrich our collections.
so...take a look and LET me give us a favor if already GET ATTRACTED...


"let's your SWEET DAY always in memory"

Sunday, April 5, 2009


HI all,
this is our 1st blog and finally i launched it in the middle of my 'cramping' time. This blog is specially made for SWEET and HAPPY DAY for LOVELY COUPLE..once in life time!!!
anyway, for the information I love to share your 'sweet moment' by giving my favor in special service order of WEDDING SOUVENIR. For your information my lovely buddy, all items are truly from West Java and specially by hand made.
For those who loves to be different and want to make their special day became a real sweet memory let's check my items! I'm happy to be apart of your wedding memory by offering you my unique and special souvenir as your gift to your guess.
SO don't waste your time, make your HISTORY OF LIFE as real sweet moment ever!!!!
Here let me tell you about how the order goes;
1) YOU freely to look at the items. Take your time for evaluating!
2) After you made decision, you can asked me for the price for those items.
(those price already included DELIVERY service directly to your home)
3) Soon after that, you have to pay for deposit for confirmation and the rest of the payment can be done a week before your order send to you.
4) For each order, I advice you to do unless 2 months before your sweet day coming. In case for delivery period it may cause more than a week to reach.

p/s: don't make your self worries and doubts with the price, I put words "EVERYONE DESERVE!" So you don't have to switch the doubted sign, I'm here proud to help and really happy to make 'your day' be in memorize ever after.